Our giving strategy have long roots since our inception and we were the first MBE to contribute during the 9/11 attack with an innovative concept. Adopt-A-Company, a public-private initiative designed to support small businesses affected by September 11th. Adopt-A-Company is a voluntary, pro bono program which partners companies with small businesses recovering from losses due to September 11th. Developed by Logistic Solutions, Inc., the program encourages support, or "adoption," of small businesses by giving them foot traffic, client referrals and other pro bono assistance. The terms of the "adoption" are discretionary, allowing companies to partner in a way that makes sense to both the adoptee and the sponsor, by providing business to the adoptee or by donating services or supplies. In addition, Logistic Solutions, Inc., have also been part of the regular initiatives and programs focused towards the enablement of local orphanage and disabled communities. LSI ensures to spend significant portion over charitable giving year on year in US and India.

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