Enterprise wide Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

The Greenlight Enterprise Business Control platform provides integration to business applications that collects and correlates all relevant user access data including application identities, groups, roles, profiles, specific authorizations and specific activities/actions within applications. The platform then normalizes disparate application security models, breaking down policy silos, to provide a unified view of user access risks and transactional activities across multiple applications and business processes.

Greenlight’s business control platform transforms cryptic security information into actionable analytics, providing business users with information that is in a context they can understand, is relevant to users they manage and processes that they oversee, has the continuous controls automation to understand where risks are occurring and the insight to know how to properly respond to conditions that introduce risk to the organization.


The Greenlight enterprise business control platform consists of four modules

  1. RTA Design Studio, the integration insight and controls automation engine
  2. LaserFocus for the modeling, remediation and mitigation of access risk
  3. ResQ for controlling and auditing emergency and super-user access in a secure and compliant fashion
  4. Audit Analytics for monitoring and risk management of user activities across multiple business transactions

The four modules work together through a set of shared services for reporting, modeling, rules, analysis and workflow. Each view into the Greenlight platform can be uniquely configured to accommodate an organization’s unique GRC requirement and the views into the platform are relevant to specific tasks that different users perform.

The Greenlight enterprise business control platform provides audit, compliance, risk, IT security and line-of-business professionals with the insight and intelligence that enables them to properly monitor and manage access authorizations and risks across enterprise applications.

The Greenlight enterprise business control platform also enables the monitoring of user activities across key business processes for suspicious activities, fraud, human error or omission that ensures the integrity of critical business transactions.

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