Real-Time Transaction Controls Monitoring To Reduce Financial Loss And Improve Operational Performance

Greenlight Audit Analytics® continuously and independently monitors transactions and user activities associated with key business processes such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, payment-card transactions, hire-to-retire, general ledger/financial closings, time and expense data, and more. Audit Analytics ensures the effectiveness of financial and operating controls and spotlights performance variances that could be leading indicators of operational shortfalls. Actionable analytics detect where process breakdowns are occurring, identify where processes need improvement, and trigger timely resolution of transaction risk issues.


Today, organizations operate within very sophisticated business models driven by complex transactions, which are supported by a heterogeneous mix of business applications. This level of sophistication presents a critical challenge to organizations: providing the necessary transparency and insight that ensures the integrity of those transactions. This requires business controls monitoring that correlates user activities and transactional data spanning multiple business systems. For most organizations, such a complex task is not feasible. Additionally, organizations must monitor transaction controls in real time to detect and prevent fraud, misuse, and human errors that can lead to compliance gaps, business risks, and financial losses.

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