An Automated Risk-Remediation And Mitigation Solution That Enables Line Of Business To Manage Access Risk

Utilizing Greenlight Technologies LaserFocus®, enterprises can transfer ownership of segregation of duties (SoD) activities to the business by providing data in business language to the right business owner to quickly zero-in and analyze access risks across all enterprise applications. In addition, Laser Focus allows managers to remediate risks using dashboards that track the overall status of resolution activities, and mitigate risks with a monitoring control that correlates details on specific SoD transactions to the users who have executed the transactions.


Access-policy violations remain a persistent source of risk and compliance gaps in most enterprises. That’s because, as the enterprise application landscape becomes increasingly diverse, it’s more cumbersome and complex to detect, analyze, remediate, and mitigate an exponentially growing volume of access risks. Traditional technical descriptions of permissions can’t be understood by business users. Meanwhile, business owners and auditors want to see cross-system correlations of access risks. Typically, finding and fixing these violations has required manual analysis across multiple spreadsheets and reports – an approach that is error-prone and not scalable.


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