Consistent, Compliant, And Comprehensive Access Management Of Super-Userstent

Greenlight Technologies ResQ® provides end-to-end access lifecycle management for super users using a closed-loop process for request, approval, credentialing, activity monitoring and auditing within business systems. ResQ provides a well-controlled environment for providing emergency or highly sensitive accesses that are performed either on an ad hoc basis by IT personnel, by business users, or through scheduled activities that must be restricted within a production system.


Numerous situations arise where an organizations needs to grant “super-user” access to employees under unusual circumstances. These are instances of “exceptional access” that fall outside the user’s typical job role or responsibilities and will typically create access policy violations that need to be highly supervised. Despite the need, access privileges that create risks, such as segregation of duties conflicts, need to be mitigated and requires the maintenance of an audit log of all super-user access activities in order to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.


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