Banking and Finance

LSI solutions and outsourcing services for capital markets and securities, focuses on improving operational efficiency and developing innovative products and services, all within the frameworks of existing systems and business processes.

Our solutions help clients in capital management, security trading and management, core business systems in property and casualty insurance, as well as some key aspects in banking operations. This includes:

  • Advisor platform
  • High performance computing
  • Market data integration
  • Risk and compliance
  • Software Professionals

Service Offerings

We at LSI constantly offer quality IT consulting and service to our clients. Based on our excellent domain knowledge and outstanding technical expertise, we are able to offer services such as:

  • Software Solutions
  • LSI financial solutions cover
  • Software Solutions
  • Our extensive experience in working with financial companies, gave us the knowledge of a strong need for quality and easy-to-use solutions and applications for the sector.

LSI financial solutions cover:

  • Capital Settlement System
  • Credit Management System
  • Investment System
  • Capital Monitoring System
  • Corporate - bank Interface System
  • Commercial Paper Management System
  • Cash-flow Planning System
  • Online Banking Management System
  • Customer Relation Management System
  • Business Intelligence System

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