Telecom Services

We have rich technical and engineering experience in the telecom domain, providing end-to-end service lines from mobile phones to core networking systems. We have a good relationship with telecom operators, service providers, telecom device manufacturers and solution providers. Whether you need project management, a single technical consultant, managed services, or access to one of our Subject Matter Experts - LSI is the answer.

We provide experienced engineers for:

  • Certification
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Testing

Networking Services We have a broad portfolio of capabilities and offer a complete suite for the design of data networking services. At KSI we specialize in providing a single point-of-contact project management of local and nationwide telecommunications and data projects for all facets of the market. Our customer-driven, comprehensive solutions differentiate us from other suppliers; and our industry reputation and quality business relationships are reflected in our ability to provide rapid-response services and integrated solutions for almost any need. Our technical system specialists translate requirements into hardware and software specifications and are Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE). We can perform the following tasks for you:

  • Develop operations plans, architectures and systems requirements for your network systems
  • Develop operations strategies and associated architectures based on business needs, the current operations environment and network evolution plans
  • Develop detailed system requirements including interface specifications
  • Assess external applications and platforms to be used as a part of the solution and provide recommendations
  • Perform system integration functions e.g. developing an integration layer across applications
  • Support field operations in the deployment of new service capabilities.
  • Our services include providing training to your staff, teaching them new technical skills in cutting-edge technologies. We strengthen our capabilities through acquisition of new technology and introduction of new programs.

Fundamentals of Telecommunications

  • Introduction to telecom services, telecom networks
  • Telephony, loops and trunks, the PSTN, POTS, analog, voice band, SS7
  • PBX and Centrex, IVRs, ACDs, call centers, modems, DSL
  • Telecom industry, LECs, CLECs, IXCs, POPs
  • Digital: DS0, DS1, DS3, T1, ISDN
  • TDM, the network "cloud", network equipment, fiber, SONET, DWDM
  • T1, channels, framing, pulses and repeaters, muxes and cross-connects
  • Wireless: cellular, CDMA, TDMA/GSM, 3G 1X & UMTS, satellite, Wi-Fi, WiMAX
  • Voice services and jargon

Understanding IP and Networking

  • OSI model, layers, protocol stacks, standards
  • IP addresses: static/dynamic, public/private, NAT, IPv4 and IPv6
  • WANs, routers, edge routers, statistical TDM, dealing with carriers
  • Bandwidth on demand, packet networks, virtual circuits Frame Relay, Quality of Service

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