Device Enablement

Today consumerization reigns in the IT domain and tablets are at the hub of this changing reality. LSI will guide you through your company’s tabletization and BYOD strategy. Our team will assist you with the adoption of iPads, BlackBerry Playbooks, Android-powered, Windows 7 and emerging Windows 8-based tablet devices.

LSI Approaches to Tablet Application Development

LSI works closely with you to spot your business aspirations, ultimate end-user goals and expectations, and suggests the best architectural solution for the development of your tablet application, which includes one of these options:

Native Tablet Application Development
LSI develops native tablet applications, tailored for a particular platform (iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows) to give you unparalleled performance and speed, complemented by smooth communication of your tablet solution with native hardware capabilities.
Mobile Web Application Development
LSI team of developers offers cross platform development solutions to make your web application work in different browsers and across various mobile and tablet devices from popular iPads, iPhones, and Android devices to business-oriented BlackBerry smartphones, Playbooks, and Windows tablets.
Hybrid Tablet Application Development
LSI packages web functionality into native platform wrappers for iOS, Android and BlackBerry to blend native app advantages with cross-platform interoperability, and help our clients target more tablet users.
LSI a perfect supplier for your growing Device Enablement development demand

LSI understands the specific nature of tablet devices (their multi-touch characteristics, presentation and layout environment, UX designs and usage scenarios), and has the right skills to offer you the best-of-breed tablet solution.

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