Mobile Enterprise Application Platform(MEAP)/Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Enterprises are moving forward with the advancements in mobility, and providing devices to their employees. But the dilemma is still there, whether to provide a standard device to every user or let them choose their own and implement a BYOD strategy in the organization. This further increases the importance of implementing a mobile middleware solution which would ensure efficient integration of back office systems as well as supporting multiple devices in the market. We help organizations address these challenges based on our extensive experience of developing and deploying both off-the-shelf and custom MEAP/MDM solutions. Our MEAP / MDM services include:

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP)

We offer customized solutions to our customers as per their budget after understanding their requirements and evaluating plausible integration with a standard MEAP package. Endeavour's Mobility Enthusiasts also help deploy and integrate mobile solutions with standard MEAP solutions such as Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP), Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP), Pyxis Mobile, Syclo and many others.

LSI’s past experience of working with these vendors ensures that our customers are well advised on the strengths and weaknesses of respective off-the-shelf MEAP’s and all integration related challenges are addressed well in advance, which greatly minimizes future risks.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Our MDM services encompass the IT and process management services required by organizations to plan, procure, provision, manage and support corporate smartphones, tablets and ruggedized field service devices with integrated cellular and/or wireless connectivity.:

Some of the specific MDM related services include:

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