Mobile Platforms

LSI offers mobile development for all popular mobile platforms. We believe the key factor for a successful project is the vendor’s ability to stand the peculiar challenges of mobile development.

Challenge Solution Solution
Device performance (such as CPU and memory limitations, limited battery life) Solid mobile platform knowledge and usage of smart device resources through programming best practices, implementation of power saving features, etc.
Screen size and resolution limitations aggravated by mobile OS and device fragmentation Support of mainstream platforms, deliver responsive UI design and usage of cross platform development techniques to cut customer costs.
Accessing back end systems and data transfer optimization Strong integration expertise supplemented with offline mode and synchronization techniques powered with relevant business domain knowledge.

Multiple Platforms - One Place

iOS Android BlackBerry Windows Phone
OS and production environment Mac OS X 10.6.7 and later, iOS Developer Program, Apple Store Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Google Play Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Google Play Windows, Windows Phone Marketplace
Development languages Objective-C/C++, JavaScript, C++ Java, C++ Java C#
Frameworks and Components Cocoa/Cocoa Touch, OpenGL ES, Appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap, cocos2d, Unity3D Android SDK, Titanium, OpenGL
Presentation Layer UIKit, Core Graphics, HTML + CSS XML
ORMs and Databases RestKit, Core Data, MySQL OrmLite, Sorma, SQLite Persistent Store, SQLite SQL CE (LINQ to SQL), Isolated Storage, Sterling DB
Other Tools and Solutions ASIHTTPRequest, ShareKit, Wikitude (Augmented reality), RedLazer API (Barcode scanner) Ant, Dalvik Debug Monitor Server, dmtracedump, Draw 9-patch, Android Emulator, Layoutopt, Monkey, ProGuard Blackberry Device Manager, Blackberry Emulator Windows Phone Emulator
Development Environment and Collaboration Xcode, Interface Builder, Titanium Studio ADT plugin for Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Titanium Blackberry Java plugin for Eclipse, Blackberry JDE Visual Studio for Windows Phone, Expression Blend for Windows Phone, XNA Game Studio

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