Claim Adjudicating System

The Claim Adjudicating System (CAS) is an end-to-end claims processing application in healthcare insurance (General and Dental) industry, CAS is facilitated with diagnostic controls through out the claims life cycle. CAS is embraced with a flexible business rules engine and best in class aesthetic user interface that enables the business users to access claims information by Region/Member/Customer.


Immigration Works

ImmigrationWorks is a comprehensive Immigration Case Management System. You can now access hundreds of Immigration forms, case management features and functions from one user-friendly web-based platform.


Network Surveillance Application

Using state of the art Network Discovery software, LSI-SS can map your complex networks and identify vulnerabilities both from external as well as internal threats. Going well beyond the typical network scan technologies available today, Network Visualization and Perimeter Leak detection allow for mapping of router level connectivity and identification of route redundancy, routing loops, broadcast storms and other networking problems.


Remote Infrastructure Application

To keep pace with dynamic business environments, it has become imperative that an enterprise be built on a robust and reliable IT infrastructure. With reducing IT spends and increasing business pressures, merely ensuring enhanced IT service levels at reduced TCOs is not enough.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Our Remote Management (RM) solutions are designed specifically to meet your organization’s server management needs. Keep a close eye on server health and outages and you’ll see a reduction in downtime and associated business risk.

Revenue Tracker System

Revenue Tracker System (RTS) generates and maintains invoices for large entities periodically and keeps track of the history of payment information by interfacing with the accounts receivable system.

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