Network Surveillance Application

Using state of the art Network Discovery software, LSI-SS can map your complex networks and identify vulnerabilities both from external as well as internal threats. Going well beyond the typical network scan technologies available today, Network Visualization and Perimeter Leak detection allow for mapping of router level connectivity and identification of route redundancy, routing loops, broadcast storms and other networking problems.

The Firewall Analyzer simulates firewall rules on every packet possible, locating firewall miss configurations and unauthorized internal access. With the recent increased focus on homeland security, both physical security and network security technologies are experiencing a significant surge in interest. LSI Secure Solutions stands at the forefront of companies addressing this urgent need, with a suite of products and services combining the best in today's technology with a long history of excellence in integration, project management and support services. The result is a series of solutions providing end-to-end capabilities addressing customer needs in the most efficient, scalable cost -effective and future proof implementations

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