Remote Infrastructure Management

Our Remote Management (RM) solutions are designed specifically to meet your organization’s server management needs. Keep a close eye on server health and outages and you’ll see a reduction in downtime and associated business risk.

RM will help you monitor your critical servers and applications all day, every day. If common server and application problems occur, you’ll be notified immediately. We know that you will experience improved service levels enabling you to focus your resources where they belong: on your organization’s strategic business goals.

RM is fully integrated with our Network Management Services, which provides our clients with access to redundant Network Management Centers, our On Target Web portal for online service reports, round-the-clock Support Desk experts, extensive operational processes and broad professional service teams.

Remote Server Administration manages every aspect of the server system, including directory services, operating system updates and patches, backups and print queues.

Application Monitoring lets you keep track of the availability of popular enterprise applications such as Exchange, Notes or SMTP mail systems; MS-SQL or Oracle Database Services; Web servers, as well as DNS and DHCP Services.

Performance Analysis Reporting gives you ongoing network planning, capacity planning, and performance reports to optimize server performance.

Middleware and Application Server Management Our middleware management services allow our clients to monitor applications and system functions continuously, so that they are certain that the distributed application infrastructure is performing at the highest possible level. You’ll be able to maintain service level requirements for Web applications, maintain system and software configurations, and selectively manage the entire system stack employed by the application server system for business critical applications.

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