Revenue Tracker System

Revenue Tracker System (RTS) generates and maintains invoices for large entities periodically and keeps track of the history of payment information by interfacing with the accounts receivable system. In RTS, billing is calculated using rules dictated by benefits and coverage of the enrollment. RTS is built using leading edge technologies in Dot Net (Microsoft) platform and it can be seamlessly integrated with any industry standard database DB2, Oracle and MS SQL Server. RTS is built to handle billing for a large volume of subscribers across industry verticals viz, health care ,Insurance , Banking and Financial Services , Telecom, Retail etc.. RTS generates two types of bills (Premium and Administrative service only, ASO) depending on the contract bound between the insurance company and its customer. Premium billing is based on the monthly premium calculated per member. ASO billing is based on the actual claims received by the insurance company from the member along with an additional service charge.

Key business functionalities of RTS

  • Customized billing configuration
  • Scheduling billing process
  • Invoice generation at convenience
  • Billing rules maintenance using configurable rules engine
  • Generate interface files for other financial systems ( A/R, GL etc )
  • Batch billing
  • Synchronization with OLTP
  • Prevents Revenue leaks and frauds

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